Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hazelnut Toffee

It is FINALLY summer in Minnesota. We have had a ridiculously cold winter and froze our way through what was to be spring. I (along with what seemed to be like the rest of the Twin Cities area) finally got a chance to buy some annuals and hanging baskets at Bachman's today. Will post some flower pictures tomorrow.

Back to Soap!
Mmmmmmm. My Hazelnut Toffee in the pot swirl soap. This is a new to me scent from BB that I think smells divine! It is sweet, toasty, and definately hazelnut. However, I could be convinced that this scent was root beer. Great either way.  I just love the way it discolors to a creamy brown. I think next time I will only scent the main batch, and leave the white swirl unscented. That way, hopefully it will pop a bit more. I am wondering if this is as brown as it will get. I just cut it about 5 days ago, so we will see!

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