Friday, May 31, 2013

Cranberry Fig

Hey friends! Here is some awesome Cranberry Fig CP soap. I used TKB POP micas for the green and purple colorants and BB electric bubblegum for the pink. I did a high pour to get the design inside, and tried my hand at a mica swirl top. I still need to play around with it, because I haven't been totally happy with the results. The micas swirl looks so beautiful wet, but when it dries? Meh. Kinda wrinkly and crumbly looking. I think it is a matter of taste. I have people who think the tops are just beautiful. To each her own!

Tiger Stripe

Back in March, Amy from Great Cakes Soapworks hosted a soap challenge, and taught us all how to do a really awesome tiger stripe soap. You know what was even awesomer? (I'm thinking this should be a new word-I'm trying to get it to catch on) I got a free tiger stripe sample colorant pack from Bramble Berry when I used the code provided on her blog with my order. Nice. I got titanium dioxide, activated charcoal, fizzy lemonade, and electric bubblegum. Everything I needed to tiger stripe! I decided to play it safe, and went with Amy's color scheme of white, black, and pink. Well, safe and I LOVED the look.
Here is my rendition. Not bad for a first try, but next time I think I will disperse my TD in water not oil. It got kinda chunky, so when I cut my bars there were TD drag marks. ugh. I scented the batch with BB fresh snow, so maybe instead of cleaning it off, I should have just named the batch Blizzard or something along those lines.
Want to learn how to tiger stripe? Go here and get to it!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

First Post! and Green Bay Packer Soap

Welcome to my first blog post! I am SO excited to share my creative journey with all of you.

Welcome to Scattered Bath and Body, where you can share in all of my creative ventures. I love to soap, both Melt and Pour and Cold Process. Make all sorts for body products from lip balms and scrubs to bath bombs and facial serums. I also really enjoy sewing, baking, dying yarn and fabrics, knitting socks, and being with my kids, so there may be an occasional post about my other passions as well! I live in Minnesota with my two beautiful girls and my husband.

So to get us started, how about a soap pic? This is my unintentional Green Bay Packer soap. I grew up in Wisconsin, and now live in Minnesota. It is a bitter rivalry. I am not a football fan. I just don't see what all of the excitement is about. It seems to be a lot of waiting around.  Just sayin'. It is scented with BB Lemon Verbena Yankee Candle (smells awesome), which is why I went with the green and yellow, with white accents. Either it accelerated, or I was soaping too low, but it got thick FAST! To get the layers, I used the spoon plop counter bang technique. Very sophisticated.

Back tomorrow with more soapy creations!