Thursday, May 30, 2013

First Post! and Green Bay Packer Soap

Welcome to my first blog post! I am SO excited to share my creative journey with all of you.

Welcome to Scattered Bath and Body, where you can share in all of my creative ventures. I love to soap, both Melt and Pour and Cold Process. Make all sorts for body products from lip balms and scrubs to bath bombs and facial serums. I also really enjoy sewing, baking, dying yarn and fabrics, knitting socks, and being with my kids, so there may be an occasional post about my other passions as well! I live in Minnesota with my two beautiful girls and my husband.

So to get us started, how about a soap pic? This is my unintentional Green Bay Packer soap. I grew up in Wisconsin, and now live in Minnesota. It is a bitter rivalry. I am not a football fan. I just don't see what all of the excitement is about. It seems to be a lot of waiting around.  Just sayin'. It is scented with BB Lemon Verbena Yankee Candle (smells awesome), which is why I went with the green and yellow, with white accents. Either it accelerated, or I was soaping too low, but it got thick FAST! To get the layers, I used the spoon plop counter bang technique. Very sophisticated.

Back tomorrow with more soapy creations!

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