Friday, May 31, 2013

Tiger Stripe

Back in March, Amy from Great Cakes Soapworks hosted a soap challenge, and taught us all how to do a really awesome tiger stripe soap. You know what was even awesomer? (I'm thinking this should be a new word-I'm trying to get it to catch on) I got a free tiger stripe sample colorant pack from Bramble Berry when I used the code provided on her blog with my order. Nice. I got titanium dioxide, activated charcoal, fizzy lemonade, and electric bubblegum. Everything I needed to tiger stripe! I decided to play it safe, and went with Amy's color scheme of white, black, and pink. Well, safe and I LOVED the look.
Here is my rendition. Not bad for a first try, but next time I think I will disperse my TD in water not oil. It got kinda chunky, so when I cut my bars there were TD drag marks. ugh. I scented the batch with BB fresh snow, so maybe instead of cleaning it off, I should have just named the batch Blizzard or something along those lines.
Want to learn how to tiger stripe? Go here and get to it!

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