Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mantra Swirl Challenge

I'm back again with another soapy challenge from Great Cakes Soapworks! This time it is the mantra swirl.
We learned two different methods. The original mantra and the three color modified swirl.
I decided to give both a try.
The first one I tried was the original mantra.
I used:
40% Olive Oil
30% Coconut Oil
22% Palm Oil
8% Castor Oil
Fragranced with Bramble Berry Ginger Ale.

The fragrance was very well behaved, and the recipe was slow moving enough for me to do my thing. After taking the divider out, I stuck the squirt bottle way down into the soap to get it down to the bottom. I did have a little hitch with a partial gel in the middle, but after the initial panic, and some great advise from the Teach Soap board, I popped it back in the oven and brought it to full gel the day after. Yeah! It worked!

Here are the results!

I then attempted the modified mantra. Try #1 was an epic fail. So much so that I don't even have pictures to share. Imagine a solid hot pink soap. Now you know what it looks like. :) My original plan was to do a pink gradient soap scented with BB Cherry Blossom. Great idea right? Well..... the soap accelerated on me, and not only that, but after it went through gel phase, the colors turned out too close to each other. It is a pretty pink, yummy smelling soap. Not a mantra swirl.

Next try. After the Cherry Blossom incident, I decided to go for an old standby. I used three fragrances that I know well as a blend. BB Energy, WSP Pink Grapefruit, and WSP Pink Berry Mimosa. MUCH easier to work with. The only struggle that I had with the technique was the cardboard floating up while I was pouring. I even had my hubby holding them down for me. After we were done, he said now that he knows what I was trying to do, he can make me some dividers that will stay put. Awww, what a great guy!
I used a straw on a hanger to swirl, and it seemed to help move the soap.
I think next time, I will try to pour at a thinner trace to get a more wispy look. I had a great time learning a new technique. I can't wait to see all of the beautiful creations that everyone made!


  1. Such gorgeous mantra swirls! I really love the color combinations you chose, they really make your soap pop! =)

  2. I love your colors...I never go bold enough on mine so I love to see people who know how to color. Your soaps are gorgeous!

  3. Love both soaps, so beautiful!

  4. Agree with all above! Lovely color combos, especially the first soap.

  5. Beautiful mantra swirls!


  6. Wow, these are both gorgeous, but I just love the original mantra swirl you did! Really well done :)

  7. You have two really pretty soaps!! The gradient idea sounds interesting too - might have to give that another try! :)

  8. Beautiful soap! I love the colours of the original Mantra.

  9. What colors did you use on the top soap. The blue is amazing and your swirl turned out perfect.